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Stage 3

Construction Drawings

The construction drawing stage develops a complete set of drawings and building specifications that are suitable for:


  • Applying for architectural approval from the developer

  • Obtaining engineered floor joist and roof truss layouts

  • Obtaining structural engineering (if required)

  • Applying for development and building permits

  • Obtaining estimates from trades and suppliers

  • Construction


artKtecture may coordinate obtaining the engineering and architectural approval on behalf of the client, however, any fees for these services are the responsibility of the client. The client is responsible for the application and payment for any permits required. 


Any changes required by the engineer to obtain engineering approval, by the architectural agent to receive architectural approval, or by the municipality to receive permits are also included.


The construction drawing package is based on the approved layout and design from Stage 2. Optional in this stage is the final energy use modeling which is required only if you are following the performance path of the building code or building a net-zero or passive house. artKtecture may coordinate the final energy modeling, however, any fees from external consultants are the responsibility of the client.


Allow 2-3 weeks for the construction drawing package which may include:


  • Building specifications

  • As-built or demolition plans (if required)

  • Floor and foundation plans

  • Exterior elevations

  • Cross-sections (as required)

  • Interior elevations (as required)

  • Details (including those required for building code section 9.36 Energy Efficiency)

  • 3D renderings

  • Final site plan obtained from surveyor (any fees for this are the responsibility of the client)

  • Construction drawings are provided in PDF format, allowing you to print as many copies as required, or email to your trades or suppliers.

  • BIMx hyper model -  a digital, interactive set of construction drawings that includes a navigable 3D model that is viewable on most Apple or Android handheld devices using a free app or in most web browsers.

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