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Kelly Neufeld
Principal Designer
Architectural Technologist
Permaculture Designer

Update: As of April 2020 I'm 2/3 of the way to obtaining my Certified Passive House Designer certification. I'm just waiting for the next available date to write the final exam. Hopefully the COVID pandemic subsides and the exam in June will go ahead.

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I've been designing homes since I was a kid, brick by Lego brick. I even have a Lego model of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater on my desk for a bit of inspiration! Since graduating with a diploma in Architectural Technology (Hons) from SAIT in 1997, I've designed close to 1000 homes and enjoy being creative every day.

I've worked on projects ranging from tiny ice fishing huts to cozy mountain cabins to expansive estate homes and unique home lottery grand prizes. New construction, renovations, single or multi-family, wheelchair accessible,  net-zero, acreages, infills, garden suites, tiny homes on wheels, or floating homes - however, or wherever you want to live, I can help you design your perfect home.


​I specialize in the design of homes using natural building methods such as straw bales, hempcrete, cob or cordwood masonry. I've created designs with whimsical elements such as fire-poles or three storey slides. I'm still looking for a client that wants a treehouse - if that's you then let's make it a reality!!! Whatever your needs or desires, I listen to you.