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Stage 2

Design Development

The design development stage is the fun and exciting time where we collaborate and unleash our combined imagination and creativity to design a home based on your Blueprint for Design. This is the crucial stage from which all subsequent documentation for Stage 3 is based, so it’s important not to rush and to spend as much time as necessary to get the design just right. It’s easier (and usually much cheaper) to design everything in advance rather than trying to figure something out part way through construction.


Allow 4-8 weeks (minimum) for design development which may include:

  • Create rough bubble sketches and line drawings for design options

  • Create a digital 3D model from the preliminary sketches. From this you may receive:

    • Floor plans and preliminary site plan

    • A white ‘cardboard model’ to study the general massing.

    • 3D black & white line images of the exterior.

  • Revisions to the digital 3D model (if they conform to the design brief in the Blueprint for Design report). From these you may receive:

    • Floor plans and preliminary site plan.

    • 3D color images.

    • Fly-by & walk-through animations.

    • Virtual reality tours to review the spaces, flow, lighting, and feel of the home, as well as explore different color and material choices*

  • Consult with the architectural agent if necessary for preliminary architectural approval.

  • Create preliminary building specifications.

  • Coordinate with external energy consultants to design a net-zero home (opt.)

  • Design home and perform energy modeling to meet the passive house standard (opt.)

  • Client to sign-off on design development prior to proceeding to Stage 3.

We want our clients to be happy and to fully experience their design so we may provide as many 3D images, fly-by & walk-through videos, and virtual reality tours as you need to understand your design before you build. However, artKtecture reserves the right to limit the number of these visualizations if the revisions are deemed by artKtecture to be minor in nature or for any other reason as determined solely by artKtecture. We also reserve the right to charge an additional fee if the revisions do not conform to the design brief in the Blueprint For Design.

*Colors and materials are approximations only and exact color matching to client selections is not guaranteed. Not all colors or materials are available for visualization.

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