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Stage 1

Design & Options Review

Your initial consultation consists of two meetings and you'll receive a personalized Blueprint for Design report. This design brief will be our guide throughout the design process that follows. Our first meeting takes a minimum of 3-4 hours and we discuss in detail the requirements of your project. We'll go through a detailed questionnaire, discuss your ideas, and review your favorite design photos. You'll see examples of our previous work and be introduced to our incredible 3D visualization methods which make it easy to understand your design. If you're renovating or building an addition we'll also measure and photograph your existing home.

The second meeting takes a minimum of 30-45 minutes and we will review your Blueprint for Design report and discuss the next stages of the design process.


Allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for the design review which may include:


  • A review of your favorite architectural photos from your Houzz or Pinterest accounts. This requires some homework on your part before we meet. We ask that you collect a minimum of 6-10 images each of the following: kitchens, bathrooms, stairwells, fireplaces, exterior styles, or anything else that may be important to you in your design. Be prepared to explain what you like about each photo.

  • Conduct our in-depth design & lifestyle questionnaire and interview to outline your wants, needs, goals and dreams.

  • Discuss your budget.

  • Review the prescriptive and performance paths of the building code.

  • Examine various construction methods.

  • Discuss what other consultants may be required for your project - architectural agents, engineers, surveyors, energy modeling consultants, asbestos testing for demolition, etc.

  • Conduct research relevant to your project - zoning, site or architectural requirements.

  • Inspect the building site (optional but recommended).

  • Measure and photograph your existing home (required for additions or renovations).

  • Obtain a building pocket from our surveyor (req’d for infills and possibly for additions).

  • Provide a Blueprint for Design report complete with your design brief, inspirational photos, and research findings.

  • If you are doing an addition or renovation you will also receive a set of as-built drawings. The fee for these plans is extra and based on the size of your home. Payment will be due upon delivery.

  • Discuss the next stages of the design process including visualization options, construction drawings, fees and payment methods.